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Organic Visions

What does it mean when our mind’s eye sees persons as an organic shape(s) with unique colors, textures, backgrounds, & its own demeanor. Some complex & intricate, others simple & basic? When music is more than heard, but seen? When emotion flows, fades, and lingers like raspy trails of human smoke, coming off like snow picked up in the wind, & still evident in rooms & places after people are gone? What are your thoughts?


Sunshine Window

He sits in the sun with his headphones on, listening to mysteries I can not fathom. Coat, hat, & gloves on, I consider introducing myself & joining him. Notebook on one side, sketchbook in front, papers all around with his mind deep in want. The lines and curves shade from grey to black, and white in places where graphite is lack. Music to mind, mind to fantasy, pencil to paper, blankness to vivid imagery. What happens in his mind is completely unknown to me, but his art beautiful & inspiring to me.