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What happened to making do with what you have? There is so much consumerism in movies nowadays.

I remember watching movies from the 70s and 80s with my family when I was a child. Those movies depicted people who would mend, fix, clean, and appreciate the “less than new” things they already had, scavenged, or otherwise acquired. Today, we throw away the things that are “less than new” that we no longer want (instead of investing some of our own TLC) and acquire the new replacement often through purchasing.

I smoked a crooked cigarette, today, pulled from a crushed hard-pack in my pocket. It reminded me of the hand-rolled cigarettes westerns often showed back in the day. And, reminded me of our “evolved” and “civilized” mind set nowadays.

It is the same way I see people treating each other in friendships, intimate relationships, and strangers. What if someone had taken a little extra time to invest in me? What if I had taken a little extra time to invest in someone? What if it is okay to have a crushed pack in your worn jeans, and smoke a crooked cigarette?


Faded Feelings

The fleeting faint of a memory forgets to find friends before disappearing. Lost forever in the fades of wanting, faded feelings fail to find courtesy. All that is left is selfish insecurity.