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Good and Evil

What is good and what is evil? Is one the shadow of the other? Or, are they co-conspirators, companions? Perhaps they are one in the same, differentiated only by the tones of praise or discipline from a closely regarded mentor like a mother or father. Or, do we only see these two – good, evil – and are blind to others? Perhaps there is no such thing.

For those who believe in God there is also the Devil, the yin to the yang, the black to the white, the light to the darkness. And for those who do not believe, is man the root of all evil?

Where is this place, this long hall? Walking, it feels as though it descends. I feel the air thickening & heavy on my chest. Through the darkness I see a light. A mere twinkle, but it grows bright. Walking towards the lightness, my body is weightless on my feet. In the dark, I could not see. In the light, all kinds of things surround me.

Here, we dance. In fire light in the cave, we are the shadows cast on walls of stone, whip & wave. One man turns & sees the fire. “Look,” he says, “see your shadow!” The official orders, “Do not look. This man is a liar. Keep on dancing. You must follow.” The group continues to dance in the fire light in the cave. One man turns & leaves. Sitting beside the official, he asks, “Which is true? Are we on the walls, or are we on the floor? I can not tell.” “Dance & join your place with the others,” the official supplicates. “This is the truth.” But the man does not dance or join the others. He sits beside the fire, looking into the darkness he has been told not to near. Days pass. Then, the man walks into the darkness. The others only see one less shadow on the walls, but they do not know they are seeing their own shadow. The man walks into the darkness & into the light. He has left the cave.



Metaphorical constructs of a moral & ethical structure to strengthen & guide its community as woven into the fabric of one’s beliefs & core values.