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Secret Pearl

I walk in & look for my pearl of the sea. There she is! Diamonds in her eyes sparkle. Her smile is bright shining back at me. We wave. The attraction innocent & earnest. I love the way she looks at me.


“Hi,” she greets with a blush & a quick wave from the hip & a smile so big it could carry the world. “I like your watch.”

I say thank you in her native language, but I sound like a child & she laughs. “You always look so pretty. I like your earrings.”

She blinks a lot when she is embarrassed & can not talk. Her cheeks & forehead wrinkle with crimson waves. When she finally looks at me, those pretty diamonds twinkle under their own power like twirling stars. “Thank you,” she says in a language only girls really seem to know. It is a high-pitched tone in lieu of words.

I can only smile back as I melt into the floor. If she were not at work, I would do more because I want more.

I wave goodbye after finishing my meal. On my way out, she always finds an excuse to come over.

“See you next time,” she says.

What else we do has stayed secret.

“See you next time.”