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I Am Dragonfly

Where two worlds meet, water and sky, I am master. Colorful candy to your eye, I am aeronautic dancer. Fast turn UFO; insect gigolo, I am dragonfly.


Romeo & Juliet

I want that love like Romeo and Juliet. To love, to miss, to anticipate on giddy high. School when she and I met. No death to end but at age old death. So play, we young lovers, and be met. My happy smiles be upon our bed on wedding’s night do copulate. Beside the sun and moon’s shadow, thy heart airs on breeze like the weeping willow. Let this time be timeless like the brook a-babble. Pensive elixir, mortality do defend. Teenage loins do revel in-quisitive dabble, to erect stand him and her backward bend. But, poisoned lips do I do speak with, for I no more pretty lips to kiss upon. “‘Tis better loved and lost than not loved at all,” were the last words of a lonely fool. Eternity carries less weight than my past mistakes. A perfect love I wanted once, a long, long time ago. In recent years my dreams show, though, the best I could hope is to be like Juliet and Romeo.

Straight Night

In the straight night, under the moon, crazy stars looking for you, I hid you away under spell, to gaze into your eyes like a wishing well.