I Am Dragonfly

Where two worlds meet, water and sky, I am master. Colorful candy to your eye, I am aeronautic dancer. Fast turn UFO; insect gigolo, I am dragonfly.


3 responses to “I Am Dragonfly

  1. I couldn’t leave a comment on your Joseph Campbell page so I decided to post it here. I love Joseph Campbell too and his works. I haven’t seen the DVD but my Mythology professor gave me a copy of his book in college and I’ve since taken it with me to China. Very inspirational- got me hooked on Carl Jung and had me thinking of seriously having my masters program revolve around archetypal theory and myth

    • I am sorry, Kate. It has not been my intention to leave you hanging without a reply. I have been unable to log into my account, and admin had difficulty, too. But, tonight, it worked!

      That is fantastic! Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung are favorites of mine, too! I have been reading “How the Hippies Saved Physics,” and the author shares a story of when Jung conversed with the physicists about the relationship of synchronicity and entanglement.

      Allegory Alligator is more of an emotional expression than technical exercise.

      Please forgive my late response. I hope to share more conversations in the future.

      • That’s awesome and no worries about the late reply. I love Jung and Campbell. I still have to finish Campbell’s book on Mythology- quite fascinating. Sorry to hear about admin problems

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