What Are You Getting?

Let me ignore you when you come in.

“Hello,” I cheerfully greet each customer in front of you. I take their order with a smile and serve them their food with happiness on my face.

“What are you getting?” I ask in monotone, only after ignoring to acknowledge your presence at the counter. I stare off in blank somewhere else when you stand here. I want you to know that I would prefer you not come here, be here, order here, or hang out here. This place would be better without you.

I make your food, your drink, or whatever you order in mundane manner, never adding anything special or interesting to your order out of kindness. In fact, I serve you without a smile, without cheer, and without welcome.

“Hello,” I say, cheerfully, to the person who steps to the counter after you. For you, the customer after that nuisance, I share happiness when giving you your order.


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