What is hope?

Maybe it is the dream kept alive. Floating over muck, hope must be that cushion of air between the dream alive & the dream drowning, dead after the tether of faith has broken its last stran from wear over the years.

You know it when it breaks.

Hope could be faith’s dieing breath. But, what do we call it when hope dies? I think we are often lead to quit after losing hope.

“The mortgage on the dream kept alive on the gift of credit provided by The Bank of Hope is now in foreclosure for: non-payment, non-success, non-faith, & non-self-confidence. Payment is non-negotiable. Pay the debt in full, as well as the accrued interest, or foreclose on the dream,” Mr. U. R. Nothing condemns, Chief Mortgage Lender at The Bank of Hope.

Condemn. That is it. My beachfront property was not perfect. Instead of crystal blue ocean waves lapping at a sandy beach & tickling my bare feet while refreshing sea breezes comb my hair, it was a tiny shit hole that I could own & eek out some kind of existence I could value & offer my self some amount of self-respect. But, it is condemned, now. As am I.

The captain of my ship, and “Titannic” was even painted on the hull in a color I hate.

It is all in a hand basket. I am just tidying up before the party starts.


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